Friday, June 26, 2009

alcohol and children

I am so angry and feel so helpless. I have a new baby nephew. 3 weeks old. He has a mother, but no apparent father. Or at least not one who is in the picture. He is most likely the product of alcohol. My sister was very good throughout her pregnancy and did not drink, which tells me that she understands that alcohol is damaging to her fetus. I just learned that she has already had a drink. She claims it was just one beer but it was enough to cause her to act differently and make her 14 yr old daughter call gramma to take her away. I will not stand by with this behavior. I will HAVE to get involved. First I will send her articles related to alcohol and breast-milk. Maybe she doesn’t know it can damage her baby’s learning. She is slightly mentally handicapped. Quite often, I despise my family! Women have been arrested for nursing while intoxicated. I think there is a case in Europe where a mother was charged with homocide because her 7 week old died after nursing while she was drinking!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A mother can't help but question

Hmmm, when teenage sons, who have never before shown any interest whatsoever in their own cleanliness (or anyone elses of course), are suddenly washing their own bedding.