Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Whew! I think the worst might be over. Last year was a tough one for us with our teenagers. After 6 weeks in New Mexico with their Aunt the 2 oldest came back ready to be somebody! Ready to care about education. Malachi's whole wardrobe has changed. He asked me to buzz his hair before he left. He now leaves it natural. He has really beautiful, wavy hair. He used to wear it somewhat long and then he'd spend a bunch of time straightening it. He wanted to get into the tight and but dragging pants style. Now he wears nice fitting 501's. The best part of all this change is that he is, so far, an A student! He cares! Plus I told him he'll have to pay for any classes he fails.
Aurora is happy to be in college, where before, she acted like I was forcing her to go. She loves being there. They are still lazy about looking for jobs but at this point I just want to see good grades and I hate them to compromise with work. Even though I know other kids do and it's good for them. We'll see. Zach is just 14 and we haven't had any teenage issues with him. I don't think we will. This year I love teenagers!